$100 Cases

wine glasses 

The $100 case is filled with great wines at an

 unbeatable price!  We scour the market to select

the best "value" reds and whites to fill the cases

each month.  It's a great way to try new wines

and not break the bank! 


We have them pre-made and

available for pick-up.  

Ask at the front register for your

preferred $100 case

(red, white or half and half.) 



1.   Punta Flechas Red- Argentina

2.   Amicone Red- Italy

3.   Gearbox Pinot Noir- California

4.   Viejo Feo Cabernet- Chile

5.   Projection Cabernet- California

6.   Antale Vento Red- Italy

7.   Manuscript Red- California

8.   Candor Zinfandel- California

9.   Marionette Red- Spain

10. Lost Angel Cabernet- California

11. Chloe Red- California

12. Los Cardos Cabernet- Argentina


1.    Esterhazy Gruner Veltliner- Austria

2.    Seaglass Riesling- California

3.    Broadbent Vinho Verde- Portugal

4.    Cristal Sauv Blanc- France

5.    Line 39 Chardonnay- California

6.    Manuscript Pinot Gris- California

7.    Santa Rita 120 Chardonnay- Chile

8.    Cosentino The Blanc- California

9.    Chateau de Pont Sauv Blanc- France

10. Chloe White- California

11. Once Chardonnay- California

12. Gearbox Chardonnay- California






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