$100 Cases

wine glasses 

The $100 case is filled with great wines at an

 unbeatable price!  We scour the market to select

the best "value" reds and whites to fill the cases

each month.  It's a great way to try new wines

and not break the bank! 

 We have them pre-made and

available for pick-up.  

Ask at the front register for your

preferred $100 case

(red, white or half and half.) 



1.   Amicone Red
2.)    Viejo Feo Carmenere
3.)    Viejo Feo Cab
4.)    Gearbox Pinot Noir
5.)    Root 1 Carmenere
6.)    El Bon Homme Red
7.)    Marionette Red
8.)    3 Wine Men Merlot
9.)    Punta Final Cabernet
10.)  Projection Cab
11.) Candor Zin
12.)  Domaine Andezon Red



1.)    Herencia Grenache Blanc

2.)    Gearbox Chardonnay

3.)    Viejo Feo Sauvignon Blanc

4.)    Chateau de Pont Sauv Blanc

5.)    Cristal Sauv Blanc

6.)    Puerto Viejo Sauv Blanc

7.)    Anderra Sauv Blanc

8.)    Los Cardos Chardonnay

9.)    Santa Rita 120 Chardonnay

10.) Vielle Ferme Blanc

11.) Cheeseboard Chardonnay

12.)  Block K Chardonnay

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